If105 cobartex 1971 printplaat


  1. Installation of the first SYCOTEX system.

  2. Opening of the Barco Automation USA office in Charlotte, NC.

  3. Introduction and first installation of BarcoCim, the MES product line for the plastics industry.

  4. Acquisition of UK based Dextralog and start of the UK office in Blackburn.

  5. Launch of Cyclops automatic on-loom fabric inspection system.

  6. Barco Automation changes its name into BarcoVision.

  7. Launch of the “Master” brand name for all BMSvision client-server based MES-systems.

  8. BarcoVision acquired by Itema. BarcoVision changes its name to BMS but keeps BarcoVision as trade name.

  9. BMS acquired by the Savio group. Trade name BarcoVision becomes BMSvision.

  10. Launch of DU11 as first member of a touch screen-based family of Data Units.

  11. Opening of the BMSvision China office in Shanghai.

  12. Introduction of Argus, the world’s first automatic on-loom inspection system for Jacquard fabrics.

  13. Belgian company Vandewiele acquires 100% of the Savio Group.