Energy Management

Did you know that after raw materials and direct labor, energy generally is the third largest variable cost in manufacturing? It represents on average 3 to 5% of the company's turnover. It’s needless to say that with soaring energy prices, the energy cost has become an important factor in the total cost of the final product. That is why it’s important that management should be fully committed to invest in energy management (ISO 50001) like they do in quality management (ISO 9001). Only then you will be able to raise the energy efficiency, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Looking for a specific solution?

Energy Management

Saving starts with knowledge

EnergyMaster, BMSvision’s real time energy management system, maps the different energy consumers of your plant and visualizes your energy balance to the period of your choice. By monitoring your processes and locating your energy losses you can define realistic improvement projects. With EnergyMaster you can gather all the data you need for energy audits and for ISO 50001 certification.

EnergyMaster in the plastics industry

Be curious

Be curious about your energy consumption:

  • zoom in on weekends and nights,
  • find patterns,
  • find the reason in case of deviations.

Once we’ve found the irregularities and we understand the energy process of your consumers we can switch to modelling. We are able to forecast your energy consumption according to the production output. Even forecasting your gas consumption for heating your buildings is possible. Recognizing extreme consumption is one of the important steps in your energy strategy and energy savings

Powerful analysis with or without mes

Once the energy flows are mapped, we are able to create the specific energy performance indicators (EnPI’s) of your production department or utilities park, for example: kWh/kg or kWh/product (machine) and kWh/Nm³ (compressors) or COP (chillers).

Different reports, like regression analysis, specific energy consumption (SEC), can be visualized around the factory with our energy dashboard and MyMES smartphone app alarming the people when the process is unstable.

Return on investment

The Return On Investment (ROI) of an energy management system starts immediately after installing the first sensor or energy meter. Click here to find out more about EnergyMaster.