Cloud MES for carpet

BMSvision unveils Connect MES system for carpet applications at ITM 2024 exhibition.

BMSvision, a global leader in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the textile and plastics industries since 1975, announces the launch of its first MES Connect system tailored for carpet applications at the 2024 ITM exhibition in Istanbul, Türkiye (hall 8, booth 807B). Acquired by the Vandewiele Group in 2021, BMSvision's expansion into the carpet, velvet, and tufting domains is a natural progression of its extensive solutions portfolio.

Connect by BMSvision

Drawing on nearly five decades of MES development expertise, BMSvision introduces its Connect Systems, an integrated and connected MES portfolio designed to streamline production, enhance quality, and optimize energy efficiency. The transition from TEXconnect to Connect marks a significant evolution, reflecting BMSvision's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Jan Bogaert, CEO of BMSvision, elaborates on the rationale behind the Connect Systems’ development, stating, "In response to our customers' relentless pursuit of operational excellence, quality assurance, and energy efficiency, we are expanding our portfolio to encompass cloud-based, AI, and ML-driven solutions. Through seamless integration with manufacturing machinery, ERP systems, and real-time data collection on the production floor, Connect empowers our customers with actionable insights and tools to elevate production and quality KPIs."

In addition to the launch of the Connect systems, BMSvision announces the introduction of subscription-based pricing for its complete software portfolio at ITM. This strategic move reflects BMSvision's dedication to providing greater flexibility and affordability to its customers. While both subscription-based and perpetual license models offer benefits, the subscription-based model offers lower initial investment, flexibility, and included maintenance and upgrade support, aligning with operational and budgetary requirements of its customers.

Increased focus on energy efficiency with new energy meter

Aligned with its focus on energy efficiency, BMSvision also unveils a brand new product, the BMSvision Energy Analyzer & Concentrator. This device, equipped with four analogue inputs and leveraging BMSvision's renowned industrial data collection, ensures customers with reliable data connectivity across the production floor, powering actionable insights into energy consumption patterns.

In addition to showcasing Connect and its latest data-collection devices, BMSvision will demonstrate its comprehensive suite of MES systems at ITM, including:

  • WeaveMaster: a real-time monitoring system enhancing operational excellence in the weaving industry.
  • QualiMaster: a fabric inspection solution minimizing the risk of off-quality fabric production.
  • EnergyMaster: an energy management software providing insights into energy consumption patterns.

At ITM you can visit us at our main BMSvision booth in hall 8, booth 807 or at the booth of Monarch Knitting Machinery in hall 3, booth 306B, to experience the future of MES solutions for operational, quality, and energy efficiency enhancements in the textile industry.

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