DIN-rail mountable Data Unit

The DU7 is a Data Unit with many inputs/outputs to connect a machine. It can be build in the machine's control box and fits on a DIN-rail. The WEB-DU software is used to operate a number of DU7's from a touch panel PC. WEB-DU allows to enter declarations, administrative data, scrap, to see machine and production information etc.

DU7 background
  • Input or retrieve data in real time

  • Access data accurately and quickly

  • Enable data exchange between machines


  • 16 digital/counter/encoder inputs for a length counter, ticket tagging device, machine signals.
  • 7 relay outputs for machine run/stop and speed control.
  • 2 serial ports (RS232/422/485) for printer, scale, ...
  • 3 Ethernet ports for company LAN, Ethernet machine, ...
  • 1 USB ports for printer, scale, ...
  • Power: 12 to 48 Vdc or PoE, 10 W.
  • DIN-rail mountable, 9 modules wide.

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DU7 background