Manufacturing Execution System for knitting mills

KnitMaster monitors and synchronizes all manufacturing and logistic activities within the knitting mill, from yarn purchasing and inventory up to the shipment of the finished fabric.

Knit Master Planboard TV screen
  • Real time data collection

  • Increased efficiency and quality level

  • Reduced paperwork due to automatic data collection

  • Optimized machine maintenance

  • Connectivity between manufacturing and enterprise ERP

Weave Master Knit Master Concept EN

How does it work?

KnitMaster supports both cabled and wireless networks to connect the machines to the central server. Machines are equipped with one of BMSvision’s Data Units for data collection or the are linked directly to the server through their built-in Ethernet interface.


  • Real time data collection
  • Production monitoring
  • Management reporting
  • Production scheduling
  • Interface with ERP system
  • Yarn inventory management
  • LFA (yarnd feed consumption) monitoring


  • Real time visibility into your manufacturing process
  • Highlighting weak points in the production process
  • Between 3 and 10% efficiency increase
  • Optimized production schedule
  • Reduced paperwork due to automatic data collection
  • Information for improved decision support
  • Optimized machine maintenance
  • Management reports (OEE,...)
  • Connectivity between manufacturing and enterprise ERP

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