Management Dashboard

Transform your manufacturing data into actionable insights

Management Dashboard allows the combined graphical and textual presentation of any data available in different BMSvision software modules in real time on a single web-based page. As such it can be used on a tablet, mobile phone, PC.

Each user can create his own dashboard showing important KPI’s at a glance. For example, the manager can have all important information regarding efficiencies, quality and energy consumption displayed.

Management Dashboard can also be used for quick and effective communication of e.g. the actual performance (OEE), outputs/rejects, alarm conditions on a DID (Digital Information Display) on the plant floor.

Management Dashboard Weaving
  • Real-time data and insights

  • Reduce costs

  • Monitor efficiency and quality metrics in real time

  • Centralized monitoring and control


  • Different controls and graphics available for displaying of data
  • Combinable with intranet pages
  • Automatic page turning
  • Machine filtering
  • Zooming functions
  • Drill down to details
  • Refresh rate setting
  • Role based security and privileges


  • Reduction of time spent to analyze data
  • Performance and energy awareness
  • Access to KPI's any time and everywhere
  • Employee empowerment
Control center
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Management Dashboard Weaving