Group terminal for efficiency

The touch screen based WEB-DU is typically used as a group terminal in combination with Data Units that have no display such as the DU2P and DU7 as well as for machines without Data Unit. WEB-DU allows the operator to log on and off, enter declarations (stop declarations, product change, order change, …) and consult planning or production information.

Besides on fixed touch screens, the WEB-DU can also be used on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

WEBDU textiles
  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Up-to-date data for monitoring and decision-making

  • Document control & operator tracking


  • Manual entry of down time reasons, scrap input...
  • Display of production information: OEE, KPIs, units produced...
  • Display of planning information: actual job status, jobs planned…
  • Job change procedures
  • Document control: setup, quality maintenance, instructions...
  • Operator tracking
  • Multi-language


  • Enhanced operator efficiency
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Reduced cost of purchase

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WEBDU textiles