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BMSvision at ITMA 2023 (8-14 June 2023)

BMSvision will be exhibiting at ITMA 2023 in Milano with a stand in the weaving hall 10 stand B210 focusing on Industry 4.0 and smart textile manufacturing.

Through intelligent wireless networking of all production equipment in the mill, the BMSvision WeaveMaster, KnitMaster and SpinMaster MES solutions transfer the huge amount of data originating from the various production machines and processes into meaningful information for the managers.

QualiMasteris the BMSvision solution for on-loom, grey and finished fabric inspection including a very powerful module for optimized mapping & cutting;

BMSvision will showcase the latest version 9.10 of its “Master” systems now available with both Oracle and SQL Server database engine, focusing on:

  • New web-based module for real time “Events & Alerts” with integration of MyMES mobile app and the Smart Bracelets.
  • MyMES mobile app with the alert and cockpit module. The cockpit shows the KPI’s and most important production data of the plant on the user’s smartphone.
  • Smart Bracelet: low-cost wearable device informing operators when there is a need for intervention at a machine.
  • New version of WEB-DU with various new features to assist operators and technicians in optimizing their workload.
  • BI Connect for big data analytics.

EnergyMaster, one of the modules of the BMSvision MES solution, makes all energy streams in the plant transparent and allows to allocate the exact energy cost to each production batch. Excessive consumptions or consumptions while the machine is idle, are immediately detected and highlighted.

ITMA 2023 will also witness the introduction of TEXconnect, a cloud-based platform offering a wide range for MES features for the entire textile manufacturing chain. Using the same reliable and proven BMSvision data collection hardware and network, the TEXconnect subscription based system is easy to set up and provides the most common functionalities of the on-premise “Master” systems at a limited initial investment. TEXconnect can be accessed from the browser of any internet connected device and is easily scaled according to the customer’s requirements.

The Cyclops and Argus camera based automatic on-loom fabric inspection systems detect warp, weft and point defects during the weaving process and stop the loom in case of presence of any critical defect. The Cyclops is mainly used to inspect plain fabrics while the Argus is the perfect quality monitoring tool for weavers of high end unicolor jacquard fabrics, such as OPW airbags. On ITMA, BMSvision will present a new generation of these systems allowing mounting above the loom, resulting in inspection immediately after the reed.

The BMSvision KnitMaster system is also on display with a live demo monitoring 4 circular knitting machines on the Monarch stand in hall 4 stand E105/106.

Smart Bracelet II Right Loom A310 Warp Stop Textiles Light EN

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