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BMSvision at K2022 - Düsseldorf, Germany (19 - 26 October 2022)

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Empower your productivity and reduce your energy bill

If you know that energy is generally the third largest variable cost in plastics processing, then it’s extremely important to have a correct insight in your energy consumption, especially nowadays with the exploding energy prices. Sustainability is more than ever important, that is why, besides its efforts in the fields of Smart Factory, machine connectivity, Industry 4.0 and mobile MES solutions, BMSvision will focus on presenting their energy management software system, called EnergyMaster, at K2022, the world’s number 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber.

  • EnergyMaster is BMSvision’s real time energy management system which maps different energy consumers such as electricity, gas, compressed air, water, steam, etc. When integrating EnergyMaster with the BMSvision MES system a perfect insight between energy consumption and production is created. The gathered data leads to major savings and to a reduction of the carbon footprint. EnergyMaster is subject to subventions granted by the german government (BAFA).
  • WEB-DU is a web application for managing a group of machines. It can be used to remotely enter rejects or stop cause information from any location. The look and feel of the WEB-DU has been totally reworked in order to match the smart phone lookalike user interface used for all the other data capturing terminals BMSvision is offering.
  • The Smart Bracelet is a low cost wearable device that promptly informs operators when there is a need to intervene on a machine. As soon as the “Events & Alerts” software of the MES system detects a warning or alarm condition on a certain machine, the operator in charge of the machine is informed as his bracelet starts vibrating and the machine number and type of alarm is displayed on the bracelet's screen.
  • SQL Server: PlantMaster will be supporting MS SQL Server databases as an alternative to Oracle.
  • The OPCconnector is a user-friendly tool allowing easy and straightforward integration of any machine OPC server available on the network. It was developed to support the Euromap 77 interface for injection moulding machines but it can be configured to interface with any OPC UA server without the need for extensive programming thus reducing the total investment as well as the cost of ownership for the MES system.
  • BI Connect: With this optional extension to the PlantMaster BI tool, all data is put available for use in standard business analysis tools such as Qlik Sense and Power BI. With these tools, the user can freely search and explore across all data, instantly pivoting his analysis when new ideas surface. Innovative visualizations put all data in the right context allowing fast and smart decisions.
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