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S M Engineering & BMSvision join forces to introduce Industry 4.0 MES systems in the Bangladesh Textile Market.

S M Engineering Ltd with its reach in textile industry will exclusively market BMSvision’s MES products jointly with BMSvision in Bangladesh. BMSvision offers a wide variety of Industry 4.0 MES products that cover all textile manufacturing processes. Under the name WeaveMaster, a very powerful loom monitoring system is available. KnitMaster monitors circular as well as warp knitting machines. Further SpinMaster is a system used in yarn manufacturing. BMSvision are the leading supplier in the field of automated on-loom fabric inspection. With the Cyclops scanner, the Argus scanner and the QualiMaster fabric quality management system, BMSvision offers a unique on loom quality assurance solution for weavers.

S M Engineering Ltd with almost 20 years’ experience in the textile industry is a domain expert in entire textile value chain providing end-to-end solutions. The expertise of these partners – S M Engineering Ltd. and BMSvision, will immensely benefit the Bangladesh textile industry 4.0.

With 40 years of experience, BMSvision is a leading global supplier of industry 4.0 Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), with focus on the textile and plastic industry. A group of highly skilled R&D experts develops hardware and software solutions that help customers optimize their operations. Today, leading companies all over the world rely on the BMSvision MES Systems for the daily management of their operations.

The collaboration between SM Engineering Ltd and BMSvision was officially announced during a successful kick-off seminar on Saturday 1st of December. With on audience of more than 150 attendants representing over 80 textile companies, BMSvision explained all the benefits of investments in an industry 4.0 MES product having a very attractive ROI.

On the pictures:

Mr. Jan De Rocker, Sales Manager BMSvision

Mr. S M Al-Masud, managing Director S M Engineering Ltd.

The S M Engineering Ltd sales & marketing team.

About SM Engineering:

S M Engineering Ltd. was founded in the year 2000, and since then it becomes a flagship of total sister concern of this company. “S M Engineering” participated in numerous development and ongoing project in the textile sector.

About BMSvision:

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