5” touch screen Data Unit

The DU9 is a high-end member of the BMSvision data collection terminals featuring a 5” touch screen and a graphical intuitive web-based user interface for user friendly interaction with the operator. The DU9 interacts as a front end and is the HMI for all BMSvision’s Master systems.

DU9 Front No Cable Entries Home Screen Weaving EN background
  • Input or retrieve data in real time

  • Access data accurately and quickly

  • Enable data exchange between machines


  • Direct access to all pages.
  • Wireless (Bluetooth class 1) via WDL-Server or wired (Ethernet) connection to the central system.
  • Remotely operable from any device that has an HTML 5 browser with Java script.
  • Continued operation and machine monitoring in case of network or server failure (optional).
  • On screen language selection and unicode Chinese supported.
  • Optional configurable pages.


  • Manual entry of down time reasons, scrap input,..
  • Display of production information: OEE, KPI’s, units produced,..
  • Display of planning information: actual job status, jobs planned,..
  • Energy monitoring
  • Operator tracking

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