Production and quality monitoring for the complete spinning mill

To be successful in today's demanding yarn market, modern spinning mills need to be fully focused on performance and quality. With the SpinMaster system, BMSvision offers a powerful solution for production and quality monitoring covering the entire spinning mill.

Spinning mill1
  • Real time data collection

  • Increased efficiency and quality level

  • Reduced machine stop time

  • Optimized machine maintenance

  • Connectivity between manufacturing and enterprise ERP


  • Real time data collection
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality monitoring
  • Production scheduling
  • Interface with ERP system
  • Preventive maintenance


  • Real time visibility into your manufacturing process
  • Highlighting weak points in the production process
  • Reduced machine stop time
  • Optimized scheduling and logistics
  • Reduced paperwork due to automatic data collection
  • Information for improved decision support
  • Optimized machine maintenance
  • Management reports (OEE, …)
  • Connectivity between manufacturing and enterprise ERP



This graphical plant overview shows real time information about machine statusses and production.

Reporting tool

Users can create their own graphical and tabular reports.


Graphical planning tool with real time updates.


Monitoring of individual production points of OE machines.

Spinning mill 2Management Dashboard SpinMaster Desktop

Additional systems


HMI for multiple machines

WEBDU textiles

Efficient energy management

EnergyMaster Heatmap Textiles

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