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At BMSvision, we take pride in being a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the plastics industry. Our expertise and innovative technologies empower businesses across various end markets within the plastics sector. Explore the incredible potential and countless opportunities that our solutions can bring to your specific industry.

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With our deep understanding of the plastics industry and a track record of successful partnerships, BMSvision is your trusted companion in unlocking the true potential of your plastic manufacturing operations. Our tailor-made solutions, backed by a dedicated team of experts, empower businesses across a wide range of end markets to achieve efficiency, quality, and profitability.

Automotive plastics


MES solutions to trace the production of various applications across different areas of a vehicle.

Bottles and preforms

Bottles & Preforms

Monitoring solutions for the PET preform and bottle industry.

Caps and closures

Caps & Closures

Manage and monitor the production of plastics caps and closures.



Production and quality monitoring of household products.



Real time monitoring in the packaging industry.

Pipes and fittings

Pipes & Fittings

Planning and monitoring of extrusion processes.



Quality and process control for technical parts for various industries.


Energy Management

Energy efficiency in the plastics industry.