BMSvision has developed best practices for use of its MES systems in the carpet industry, both for woven and tufted carpets. Our customers have detected the importance of on-line monitoring in the production of tufted and woven carpets and are taking advantage of the flexibility of both software and hardware for their production environment. The tufting process is not very comparable with the standard weaving processes but BMSvision has strived to give solutions to the tufted carpet producers, even giving them the possibility of total integration from winding, warping, tufting all the way to finished and inspected carpet rolls.

Being an independent supplier and having a lot of expertise concerning carpet weaving technology, quite a few carpet manufacturers have found that BMSvision can offer a complete solution to their specific needs, independent from the brand of carpet looms, they are using realizing that other production machines such as winders or finishing machines can also be linked to the MES system.