Camera based automatic on-loom fabric inspection

The Cyclops is a camera based automatic on-loom fabric inspection system that detects warp, weft and point defects during the weaving process. The Cyclops is mainly used to inspect uniform fabrics.

Cyclops 2
  • Real time detection

  • Increased efficiency and quality level

  • Quality control

  • Fabric inspection

  • Automatic fabric grading


  • Real time detection allowing to stop the loom and prevent production of defective fabric
  • Independent of human perception
  • Higher fabric quality, less second choice
  • Automatic fabric grading based on customer defined rules
  • No investment needed in automatic inspection of loom state fabric
  • Easy to install and operate
  • No maintenance required
Cyclops defect_inslagfoutCyclops defect_Herstelde Ketting

Additional systems


Quality analysis

QualiMaster screen 1

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Cyclops 2