Fabric inspection and optimized cutting

Installed as a stand alone system or as an extension to the BMSvision WeaveMaster or KnitMaster system, QualiMaster offers a powerful fabric inspection solution that allows full quality analysis and fabric classification.

Weaving plants equipped with the WeaveMaster production monitoring system can integrate QualiMaster’s powerful “on-loom” inspection package, thus minimizing the risk for off-quality fabric in the weaving plant and reducing the workload in the grey fabric inspection department.

For finished fabric inspection, dedicated software for optimized mapping and cutting allows to maximize first quality yield with a minimum of cut operations.

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  • Real time data collection

  • Fabric inspection

  • Extensive quality statistics

  • Reduced off-quality through on-loom inspection

  • Optimized mapping and cutting

What can QualiMaster do?

  • Real time data collection
  • On loom, grey and finished fabric inspection
  • Touch screen based user interface
  • Piece map and ticket printing
  • Extensive quality statistics
  • Software for optimized mapping and cutting
  • Interface with ERP system
  • Web-based piece map and MyMES integration

Why choose QualiMaster?

  • Reduced off-quality through on loom inspection
  • Real time alarms in case of quality problems
  • Customer specific ticket printing
  • Full quality reporting
  • Monitoring inspector efficiency
  • Extreme flexibility through built in report generator
  • 24/7 informed about the quality in the mill
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QualiMaster screen 1
QualiMaster screen 2
Inspection table fabric

Additional systems


Fabric inspection terminal

QT Linnen

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Quali Master Web Graphical Overview My MES Frames Dark EN background