Smart Bracelet

Never miss a message

The Smart Bracelet is a wrist wearable device capable of receiving messages from any BMSvision system. Messages are sent based on alarms generated by the BMSvision Events & Alerts module. The device promptly informs operators when there is a need to intervene on a machine. For example, in case of a problem with a machine, the machine ID and a description of the problem are sent to the machine operator's bracelet. The vibration of the bracelet on the wrist is easily detected even in the loud environment of the shopfloor. Operators will therefore never miss a message and can act immediately in order to minimize downtime.

Smart Bracelet II Right Loom A310 Warp Stop Textiles Light EN background
  • Real-time message delivery

  • Quality control

  • Faster reaction times to machine problems


  • Receipt of message is indicated by a vibration
  • Configurable messages, multi-language, including Asian languages
  • Gesture and touch controlled
  • Time and date synchronized with the BMSvision server
  • Messages are stored until deleted by the operator


  • Faster reaction to problems
  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Increased machine nd operator efficiency
  • Reduced rejects due to shorter response times to quality problems

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Smart Bracelet II Right Loom A310 Warp Stop Textiles Light EN background